Doctors Are Obedient By Nature.

Therein Lies The Problem.


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A few doctors in Canada have shown the courage to speak truth to power, usually at great personal cost. The majority have clearly decided the Hippocratic Oath is less important than protecting their cushy salaries.

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The Most Heavily Vaccinated People And Those

Injured The Most - Are Still Wearing Masks.

Enjoy This Moment. It Is Yours.

Because They Are The Same Fucked-Up Morons

That Wanted To Force Inject You; To Quarantine You; To Fire You; And To Deny You Medical Care. They Still Do.

So Tell Them - To Their Faces:

“Don’t Get Sick - Because You Won’t Get Better”

You Owe Yourself That.

They Are Not Getting Better. Make Them Hear It.

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This morning there was a woman in an N95 mask in the elevator in our building. The poor woman was hyperventilating. I was afraid she was going to have a heart attack right there in the elevator. At what point will she recognize how crazy her behavior is?

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Forget Their Dead.

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Kicking And Screaming

As A Conflict Emerges

No One Can Lead By Example.

You Have To Drag Them.

Until They Can Walk On Their Own.

And Then Run.

Finally, You Have A Choice:

Stay And Drag Others.

Or Run To Catch Up.

- Look for the backs of those who are running forward.


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Those days are gone kitten.

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They are not.

They do not matter.

Because they do not matter to themselves.

Everything you say, or everything that you do, is for the benefit of those who have not been swept away in the tide.

You have to be willing to let them drown.

There is no hand to lend. Nor need.

That’s not what this is about.

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